Fruit Picking in Western Australia 

Western Australia is the largest state in the entire country. It is home to some amazing views of the coastline, which complete the full cycle of working on a holiday. You will also find a low degree of competition, which affords you a stronger chance of getting a second visa. 

Western Australia has many rural towns, which give you the double advantage of experiencing the spirit of the place. However, while this side of the country is generally an alluring place to be in, you are also certain to find fruit picking a physically demanding job because of the climate. The large size of the place means that it is also subject to different alterations in climate. Summer here is particularly warm.


Accommodation in Western Australia spans the Northern and Southern parts of the place, depending on where you go. However, an issue you will experience is the distance between the towns in Western Australia. In this section, we will indicate the accommodation available, splitting them into southern and northern categories.

Accommodation, Northern Part of Western Australia

Before we move on, it is relevant to know the appropriate time to go fruit picking in this region. This way, you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

From December to March, your job will be centred on picking stone fruit. Grape picking, tomatoes, pears, and apples will occur between February to April. Note that your arrival within this time frame will find you in the harvest month of any of these crops.

On the other hand, June to September will be spent pruning grapes and apples, while November to December engages you in thinning apples and stone fruit. 

In Kununurra, the farming season for grapefruit is between March to May, while mangoes go on from September till November. Sandalwood, on the other hand, is planted all year round. 

Kimberley Croc Backpackers

This place is located at 120 Konkerberry Drive in Kununurra for your lodging needs. You can reach out to them via telephone before your arrival.

Kimberley Croc Lodge

The Croc Lodge is located at 2 River Fig Avenue, Kununurra. They have an email address you can contact them with.

Carnarvon Backpackers

Carnarvon Backpackers is located at 97-99, Olivia, Carnarvon.

Accommodation, Southern Part of Western Australia

Like its northern counterpart, the southern region also has crops that are planted seasonally. Corn has its season between June to December, mango between October to December, melons are from May to December, while citrus goes between February to April. You can find accommodation in the following places.

Pemberton Backpackers

Pemberton is located at 7 Brockman Street, Pemberton, Western Australia.

Margaret River Backpackers

Margaret River Backpackers is another one on your list of lodging options. It is situated at 66 Town View Terrace, Margaret River.

Dunsborough Beachhouse

The beach house is located at 201-205, Geographe Bay Road, Dunsborough, Western Australia.

Manjimup Backpackers

Manjimup is situated at 59 Rose Street, Manjimup, Western Australia.