Fruit Picking in Victoria 

Undoubtedly one of the best places to catch a great of fun, Victoria offers you multiple entertainment avenues. There are diverse opportunities for you to indulge in whatever it is that excites you. Here, you will find a terrain swelling with wildlife and national parks.

You also have forests blanketing entire landscapes and mountains and lakes that make for good sightseeing expeditions. Similarly, there are wineries where you can embrace some of Australia’s finest liquids. Victoria also happens to be one of Australia’s smallest states, which holds a larger population than many of its territorially endowed counterparts. 

The uniqueness of this location guarantees you the benefit of working and enjoying yourself. Even as you take your fruit picking assignments, you can still engage in skiing, climbing, or hiking. 

Your best bets for fruit picking in the state would be Mildura and Shepparton, which also offer harvest workspaces. On the matter of fruits, stone fruit, citrus, and grapes are the most popular regions. However, the superb combination of work and entertainment in the state means that it attracts swarms of backpackers who have come to claim both. This makes it competitive. 

Working in Victoria translates to a whole host of networking benefits for you. In the rural towns, you will find many other fruit pickers who have travelled from many places outside Australia, making the season a grand-sized party. If you are not able to get a fruit picking job here, though, there are amazing opportunities in New South Wales and Tasmania for fruit picking too.


To save you the ever-present worry of a place to stay, we compile a list of locations where you can find comfortable lodging for yourself. We have also split the accommodations so that they appear under Mildura or Shepparton, the major picking areas.

Mildura Accommodation

Mildura is tucked away in the northwestern recesses of Victoria. It shares a brotherly boundary with the Murray River and is 500 kilometres from the city of Melbourne. Mildura is lavishly endowed with agricultural prospects, so that it is a very attractive spot for fruit pickers. You will find that the accommodation is well suited to your needs.

Mildura Oasis Backpacker

The Oasis is located at 230 – 232, Deakin Avenue, Mildura.

Mildura International Backpackers

The International has made a home at 5 Cedar Avenue, Mildura.

Working Hostels Mildura

The Working Hostels, with its immediate identification as a place for workers, is located at 27 Chaffey Avenue, Mildura.

Shepparton Accommodation

Shepparton is one area that observes the climate routine with dedication. Winter here is as cold as you can get it and the summer is equally very warm. Shepparton is located on the northern end of Melbourne, taking around two hours of car transportation to reach.

Shepparton Mooroopna Backpackers

Moortown is located at 195 – 205, Mclennan Street, Shepparton.

Shepparton Backpackers

Succinctly named, the Shepparton hostel is located at 139 Numurkah Road, Shepparton.

Nomads International Backpackers

Striking you as one who identifies with ease, Nomads is located at 175 Midlands Highway, Shepparton.

Turnbull Orchards

Turnbull is located at 65 Turnbull Lane, Ardmona, Victoria.