About Tasmania 

Tasmania is one state with fond names and a lavish spread of greenery. Nearly half of this place is covered by a huge expanse of national parks and world heritage areas. In the state, there is a population that totals around half a million people. You get the feel of friendliness and welcome in small-town settings where you do your fruit picking jobs. 

Another thing that stands out in the region is the food they produce. You will be eating items that were planted, nursed, and harvested within the same area you are consuming. Tasmania is also the place to go when you seek an environment dominated by nature. The parks help you fulfil your outdoor dreams, and there are more than 800 walking trails for you to explore.

Notable among these are the Cradle Mountain and the Bay of Fires. You can indulge by scuba diving, kayaking, or camping out in a very relaxing atmosphere in your leisure.

Fruit Picking in Tasmania

Tasmania is rich in fruit picking jobs, and it equally has accommodations suited for mobile holiday workers. Asides from being known as Tas or Tassie, the area also holds the title of Apple Isle. It has numerous opportunities for apple picking, which means that you can find a place in one of such engagements. Similarly, it is well known for its stone fruits, cherries, and berries.

Tasmania is one place where efforts are made to find work for everyone who comes by. However, fruit picking is determined by the weather, so deliberate planning is needed to arrive when the job is in high demand. 

Vegetable harvesting is a task you will get in November or December. Zucchini, potatoes, lettuce, and broccoli are the foods you will be working with. From here, you can stay to join the packing of carrots and onions, which generally begins in January and goes on till either June or the month of July. Within this period, pears are picked in February, while apples get done in March and April. There are swedes dealt with in June and continue till very late; organic farm wedding started in October. 

Accommodation in Tasmania

To solve your accommodation problems, here are places which you could always look to.

Huon Valley Backpackers

Huon Valley is strategically placed in the district where fruits are popularly grown. This makes it ideal for its easy access to the workplace. Huon Valley offers its customers some nice weekly rates and provides additional services such as camping. In addition to this, there is the option of getting transported to work every day. It is located at 4 Sandhill Road, Cradoc.

Franklin Tavern

Franklin is located at Main Road, Franklin.

Tasmania is undoubtedly a combination centre for agriculture and recreation. The outdoor environment is pleasant to the senses and arouses the mind. Besides fruit picking, Tasmania also has a reputation for attracting creatives. Writers, musicians, artists are known to visit it in search of an awakening dose of inspiration. It is not a place you should miss while following your harvest trail.