Fruit Picking in SA

South Australia might as well be described as the home of fine wine. In this state, you find many wineries that have even won awards for their exemplary quality. A feature that propels this is the plentiful nature of vines in the region. However, asides from good drinks, South Australia also offers opportunities for a great deal of entertainment. There are festivals and other events you can get distracted with during your non-work hours. 

Weather-wise, South Australia has a temperate winter but hot summers. You should brace yourself to work in some hot sweltering conditions. On the matter of work, stone fruits, cherries, berries, and citrus are popular harvest crops around this end. However, there are lots of wineries that use many fruit pickers during harvest. Thinning and pruning vines is another engagement that draws a lot of workers. This makes it an ideal place when considering your next search for employment.

The presence of the Murray River has equally attracted several fruit farms which need irrigation. Jobs are abundant, as well as opportunities to engage in water-based sports.

The ideal time for picking grapes is from January to April, while May to February will have you engaged in picking citrus. January to April is when apples and pears can be picked but should you be targeting November to March; stone fruits are the primary crops you will harvest during that time.


Accommodation is the crux of the problems of many fruit pickers. It is also what determines if you get a half-baked holiday or an entirely pleasant one. We give you the locations of some great places below.

Berri Backpackers Resort

Berri Backpackers Resort is at Sturt Highway, Berri. It offers you the comforts needed after a long day at work.

Nomads on Murray

Nomads on Murray serve your interests when your workplace is around the Murray area. You can find it at Sturt Highway, Kingston on Murray.

Harvest Trail Lodge

Aptly named to indicate the activity you will be doing all year round, the Harvest Trail Lodge is located at 1 Kokoda Terrace, Loxton, South Australia.

Naracoorte Backpackers

Naracoorte Backpackers is located at 4 Jones Street, Naracoorte, 5271.

Barmera Backpackers

This Lodge is located at 6 Bice Street Barmera. 

Lakeside Manor YHA

The Lakeside Manor is situated at 22 Main Road, Robe.

These accommodation spaces have a special mention for cleanliness and attention to customer comfort. Some are also notable for their exciting social parties at night. In finding a suitable fruit picking job, you can always explore places such as Waikerie, Penola, Adelaide Hills, and several other areas where you are certain to find what you are looking for.

In case you ever land yourself a fruit picking role or other work at the Barossa Valley, we must inform you ahead of time that the valley produces some of the country’s most rated wine. You can fully immortalise your work holiday cycle by taking a small adventure with the local wine producers.