Fruit Picking in Queensland

Queensland is what Aussies call the Sunshine State. This place is home to five out of Australia’s eleven world heritage areas. From the breath-taking Fraser Island to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s known wonders, Queensland is undoubtedly a hotspot for everything natural. And amidst all these are fruits for the picking.

Fruit picking is a job that is available throughout the year in Queensland. The area is popular for its fruit picking jobs which are spread across a 2000km coastline. This means that there is always a place that needs you. 


This is the biggest problem you will probably encounter in your cross-country job as a fruit picker. However, Queensland is not short of places for you to stay in. In the region, some farmers offer modest accommodation, which is suited for farmworkers. In some other cases, though, you may need to take accommodation outside of your workplace. You also have the option of commuting between work in your car, if that is most convenient.

The best way to go is to look up accommodation at the workplace ahead of your arrival. You can do this by calling to know if the job offers to board as well. Below are some of the places where you can get fruit picking jobs in Queensland.


Atherton is a location in the Tablelands area of North Queensland. It is 94 kilometres from the Southwestern side of Cairns, and you can find fruit picking work here. A traveller’s lodge exists where you can hole up for the first few months of your stay as a fruit picker.


Tully is another fertile location for fruit pickers to go to. It is around 148 kilometres south of Cairns. Here, you will find lodging in the Savoy Backpackers on Plumb Street, Mount Tyson Backpackers on Butler, and the Banana Barracks.


Cardwell is a place where people do a lot of fishing. It is also not far from the Island National Park, an interesting place to visit. In addition to its attractions, though, it also has good work. Cardwell Backpackers is the place to go for accommodation here.


We have to agree with you if your idea of a working holiday involves fishing too. At Innisfail, you get that in plenty. The area is home to places where you can do estuary, freshwater, and offshore fishing. You have the Walkout Backpackers at McGowan Drive and Codge Lodge on 63 Rankin Street for your lodging needs. It is also a trifle walking distance from Tully.


Say you ran out of holiday cash, and you’re stranded in Mackay or Townhill; Bowen offers you a place to make it all back. You have a long list of places to stay so you needn’t worry much about space. There are Reefers by the Beach at 93 Horseshoe Bay, Bernacies Backpackers on Gordon Street, Ayr Backpackers at Wilmington, and Malpass at 145, Eighth Avenue.