About Northern Territory

Northern Territory, Australia, is the actual definition of cultural history and natural entertainment. The region is an exceedingly large one eclipsing Britain by many sizes. It is also home to highly valued and ancient Aboriginal culture. In this same place is the Kakadu National Park, which is recognised in World Heritage areas. 

Northern Territory is an area of abundant opportunities and an attractive landscape. There is room for outdoor activities. Wildlife is available here in plenty. 

Fruit Picking in Northern Territory

Northern Territory has a host of opportunities that allow you to explore your picking ambitions. If you arrive here during the right season, you will find yourself overwhelmed by the number of available chances. However, you must note that fruit picking in Northern Territory requires a great deal of readiness to face the different climate here.

The state can be very hot during the summer period. Fruit pickers who are not accustomed to working under such conditions would best be advised to explore other southern regions’ alternatives. There, the weather will be more moderate.

It is also crucial to be decked out in protective gear to keep yourself from the weather’s harsher effects. The job can be quite hard to handle, and psychological readiness to get it done is needed. If you are not certain, you can run through your options again and determine if it is truly worth it.

Despite its disadvantages, though, Northern Territory can be a really good choice, especially when trying to avoid the Australian winter. As you seek to get an extension on your visa, you can consider areas such as Darwin and Alice Springs. If these do not work, you can equally look into places such as Ti Tree or Katherine.

On the alternative side, several other jobs are not farm-related. You can take a job as a waiter, customer service operator, a labourer in the building sector or other vacancies as available.

At Ti Tree, there is a grand opportunity to be employed in the harvest of grapes. Melons are also produced here in great quantity. In Darwin, too, employment is very likely as the mango season often sees an engagement of up to two thousand fruit pickers.

Generally, though, the season is at its busiest during September through to November. You can also get other jobs in pruning till January. One factor that may interfere with the work cycle in Northern Territory is the cyclones known in the area. This can affect how well you can work or the availability of jobs at all.

For harvest cycles, citrus is done between January to April. Mangoes are harvested between October to December, while melons are harvested between May to November.


Frogs Hollow Backpackers

Frogs are a lodging space that you can attend to your comfort while on the job. It is located at 27 Lindley Street, Darwin.