Fruit Picking in New South Wales

New South Wales is one place that has an entire fruit picking town all to itself. Called Griffith, the town is home to over forty thousand people and is 600 kilometres to the West of Sydney. It has an abundant level of work for fruit pickers with lodges that are specifically dedicated to them.

It is also one place where you can never go hungry as there are several restaurants and good wineries to go with it. In fact, this location alone produces about one-fifth of Australia’s wine needs. Fruits you will likely be picking here are tomatoes, stone fruit, grape, onion, citrus, vegetables, and grape-pruning.

Around Griffith are pleasant locations that raise cattle, sheep and produce grains. In terms of employment, you are sure to never go short as a holiday worker. The area has job variations that are adequate for seasonal workers and backpackers. 

If you can’t find work in New South Wales, there is the extra option of going to Sydney in search of it. The area has many places which are always in need of casual staff. There are jobs in the building industry, temporary agency workers, receptionists, and waiting staff.


Accommodation in New South Wales is ready-made for backpackers. Boarding here is in tandem with your work holiday expectations. Below are some places you could stay in.

Griffith International Hotel

The International Hotel is located at No. 112, Binya Street. You can always reach them by their telephone line to make inquiries.

Myalbangera Outstation

The Outstation is another ideal spot for your lodging needs. It is located at 1646 Rankins Spring Road, Yenda, New South Wales. Their number is equally available for you to reach them with.

The Globe Backpackers

This place is located on 26 Waterloo Street, Griffith, New South Wales. As the name depicts, it is a lodging space set up with holiday workers in mind.

Preparing Your Itinerary

An itinerary will see you travelling around the country, taking in the scenic landscapes, and working as you go. As fruit picking is a seasonal job, you mustn’t skip the planning part ahead of time. If you have settled for New South Wales as the first point, you’ll need to do some planning. For instance, putting a few calls through to the farm is a good way to go.

This will help you to determine the work conditions with that particular employer. You have to note that Australian farmers are pretty much familiar with holiday fruit pickers. As such, they have a place for you to stay while you work.

But it is not general. Working with other employers might require that you stay in some other form of accommodation. You can find this in town, and you will find them already considerate of their fruit picker guests. 

In choosing where to stay, you must consider the proximity to your workplace. Check to see if it helps you to save transport costs and other expenses while you work.