Backpacker accommodation is probably the biggest problem encountered while on the move. Backpackers find it difficult to obtain a living space as they travel across the country’s different areas. In some cases, where accommodation is available, it does not reflect well on backpackers’ budgets. It thus becomes necessary that this issue is resolved to make it a lot easier for work holidaymakers to conduct their journeys.


We at Fruit Picking Australia leverage our high rank in Google searches to make it easier for backpackers to connect to accommodation service providers. We believe that access to the right information long before a backpacker begins the trip can yield many excellent benefits for everyone concerned.

When you partner with us on your accommodation business, we help you to project your image to customers in every place across the globe. You command the necessary influence that you need to draw borders to your lodge long before they step foot in Australia. Even when you are a new business, you can compete favourably with others around you by showing yourself first.


Fruit Picking Australia regards the accommodation service as one that is hugely dependent on the level of reputation and the amount of clout that you have. A part of the process of getting this is being found when you are needed.

Our resource allows you to be located easily in search queries regardless of what device is being used. We are optimised to help you engage with clients in a quick and timely manner. This way, you do not lose important transactions that are vital to business growth.


Fruit Picking Australia will help you to make a distinct impression with your business. We will work with you so that you are the first place customers remember when they arrive. This involves developing strategies that can enhance the appeal and spur you on.

Similarly, we examine the various qualities that backpackers are likely to consider in a hostel, the ones that turn out to be more compelling, and relay to you the various strategies you could employ to boost your business. Having worked once as fruit pickers ourselves, we understand backpackers’ mindsets and can use this knowledge to transform your business on our resource.


We also allow you to reorient your business. This, we believe you can do by staying in touch with the opinions of customers. We have made this easier by designing our resource to let customers send you their reviews. Your clients will tell you what they think of your service, thereby indicating which parts should be improved and what works pretty well.

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Your customers will need to be able to interact with you very easily. We help you to do this with ease by letting you supply them with maps before they arrive. The maps will provide accurate information on how to access your lodge. You could also provide a phone number by which they can call you. This way, you get to present your business in the best light that you can and make the first imprint on the client’s mind.