Getting to Know Us

Welcome to Fruit Picking Australia – We Are a Site Setup for Backpackers and Fruit Pickers in Australia.

Fruit picking is a common activity in Australia. It offers business opportunities to a wide range of people. It allows fruit pickers to enjoy the holidays with productive activities. For instance, those who are extremely good at fruit picking can earn as much as $115 in just one day. In turn, when you calculate it, you realise that it holds a fair income to people at the end of the month.

However, to excel at this job, there is a wide range of requirement that a person must meet. From being fit and healthy to having a minimum knowledge of the area, an intending fruit picker must satisfy multiple requirements.

In turn, all the point to one reality. There is a need for adequate information to support fruit pickers across Australia. They need to know what to do and what not to do as they look to enjoy the best experience in fruit picking. This is where we come in at Fruit Picking Australia. We provide easy access to necessary information that allows the task of fruit pickers to be easier across Australia.

We were once fruit pickers and backpackers. As such, we speak from a place of knowledge. In turn, we bring that knowledge to bear in our information offering. We offer relevant and timely information that allows you to enjoy a better experience as a fruit picker.

We offer our information for free. This ensures that upcoming fruit pickers have access to the relevant information they need to cope and succeed. We understand their needs having once been a fruit picker. So, we tailor our information to meet those needs.

However, we also recognise the needs of more experienced fruit pickers who are looking for more. We satisfy their needs through our Site Supporters membership level. This level is paid for as we need the funds to discharge our operation cost. However, with this subscription, you get lifetime access to our information offering.

Still, this doesn’t mean you would be losing access to any of our information if you don’t subscribe. Our information offering is free. So, whatever information you find on our site is accessible for free and without any charge. Regardless, in addition to the general information that we offer, here is what sets our Site Supporter membership apart.

  • You enjoy lifetime access to the members-only section
  • You get to earn cash, coupons or prizes by supplying backpacking stories to the site
  • Offline access thanks to our eBook that lists all the relevant information in cases where you don’t have internet access, and you need to access vital information
  • Job listing in cases where employers or farmers use our site to recruit fruit pickers or backpackers
  • Future add-ons that our members might enjoy

You can trust us at Fruit Picking Australia to deliver timely and relevant information today.