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At Fruit Picking Australia, we provide easy access to necessary information that allows the task of fruit pickers to be easier across Australia.

We were once fruit pickers and backpackers. As such, we speak from a place of knowledge. In turn, we bring that knowledge to bear in our information offering. We offer relevant and timely information that allows you to enjoy a better experience as a fruit picker. We offer our information for free to cater to all fruit pickers.


The locations where our information offering cut across include:


Queensland is what Aussies call the Sunshine State. This place is home to five out of Australia’s eleven world heritage areas. From the breath-taking Fraser Island to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s known wonders, Queensland is undoubtedly a hotspot for everything natural.


New South Wales is one place that has an entire fruit picking town all to itself. Called Griffith, the town is home to over forty thousand people and is 600 kilometres to the West of Sydney. It has an abundant level of work for fruit pickers with lodges that are specifically dedicated to them.


Western Australia is the largest state in the entire country. It is home to some amazing views of the coastline, which complete the full cycle of working on a holiday. You will also find a low degree of competition, which affords you a stronger chance of getting a second visa. 


Undoubtedly one of the best places to catch a great of fun, Victoria offers you multiple entertainment avenues. There are diverse opportunities for you to indulge in whatever it is that excites you. Here, you will find a terrain swelling with wildlife and national parks.


South Australia might as well be described as the home of fine wine. In this state, you find many wineries that have even won awards for their exemplary quality. A feature that propels this is the plentiful nature of vines in the region. Read more.


Tasmania is one state with fond names and a lavish spread of greenery. Nearly half of this place is covered by a huge expanse of national parks and world heritage areas. In the state, there is a population that totals around half a million people.


Northern Territory, Australia, is the actual definition of cultural history and natural entertainment. The region is an exceedingly large one eclipsing Britain by many sizes. It is also home to highly valued and ancient Aboriginal culture.

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