POEA Work Abroad Job in Australia

POEA Work Abroad

What is POEA?  The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, or POEA, is the branch of the Philippine government that manages the migration of Filipino workers in other countries. Working closely with the Department of Labor and Employment, or DOLE, the POEA maintains a system that delivers services for the recruitment and the deployment of Filipino workers overseas.

If you are looking to work overseas, it is important that you coordinate with the POEA to make sure that you are protected against illegal recruiters, and to ensure that your rights as an overseas worker are honored and upheld.

POEA work Abroad jobs in Australia

Australia has always been a popular overseas employment destination for Filipinos. There are hundreds of thousands of Filipino overseas workers in the land “Down Under”, many of whom are employed as nurses. Other POEA jobs include construction workers, welders, technicians, and other skilled laborers.

There are also other POEA work abroad employment opportunities in Australia that not only include trade workers and health professionals, but jobs that require a decent amount of manual labor as well such as automobile mechanics and fruit and vegetable pickers.

Obtaining a Working Holiday Visa in Australia

Having a Working Holiday visa is important if you only intend to work in Australia while you are on your holiday. This type of visa is a temporary visa designed for young people who wish to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year. The Working Holiday visa encourages cultural exchange and creates closer ties between Australia and eligible countries.

In order to obtain a Working Holiday visa, you of course need a valid passport or other travel documents. Keep in mind that you will not be eligible to apply for this visa if you already hold another visa that has a “No further stay” condition.

If it’s your first time to apply for a Working Holiday visa, you must be outside Australia when you apply. For succeeding applications, the rule is you must be where you applied for the visa when it is granted. That means if you applied for a Working Holiday visa while you are in Australia, you must still be in Australia when the visa is granted.

In order to begin an application for a Working Holiday visa, visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection website and download an application form.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

One POEA work abroad job that is popular among young casual travellers and backpackers is a job as a fruit or vegetable picker. Because these jobs are seasonal, you can opt to stay in Australia for only a few months under a Working Holiday visa.

Depending on the type of harvest, fruit and vegetable picking jobs in Australia are seasonal yet they are also available all year round. From picking grapes in Berri, to harvesting mangos in Darwin, there is sure to be a fruit picking job available for you all throughout the year.

Fruit Picking Hostels

Of course, the weather also plays a huge role in the fruit picking and harvesting industry. There could be times when growers would need to pay more to harvest their crop than they would get back when they sell them. You could possibly find yourself working in a less than fruitful situation, in more ways than one.

However, there are hostels in several fruit picking areas in Australia that are capable of arranging work and transport for you. Some of the more popular fruit picking hostels can be found in Queensland, Western Australia, and in the Northern Territories.

Obtain your Working Holiday visa and start looking for a fruit picking job that suits you best, and experience Australia in a whole new light.

POEA work abroad



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