Need Work – Will do Absolutely Anything.

Need Work – Will do Absolutely Anything

Need Work; During our travels in Australia, my boyfriend Alex and I met a very industrious young man from Wales. His name was Osian. He was short and wiry with longish messy hair. He was not ashamed of his colourful past and was extremely intelligent. Even though he was younger than us, we found his stories fascinating. He had drifted around Australia narrowly escaping from one dodgy situation after another for over a year.
When we met him, he was walking around Perth wearing a sandwich board which read “NEED WORK – WILL DO ABSOLUTELY BLOODY ANYTHING! (Except fellatio)” We simply had to buy the kid a beer. We found him so entertaining we ended up hanging out with him for the next few weeks, during which time he broke his hand punching a taxi driver in the mouth and put his passport through the washing machine effectively rendering it useless as the photo was no longer distinguishable.
After weeks of fruitless job hunting in Perth, Osian eventually made the decision to head to Victoria where he had managed to secure some work picking table grapes. The problem he faced was that without a valid passport and with no other form of ID he would not be able to fly from Western Australia to Victoria so would have to find an alternative method of transportation. The place he was going to work was quite remote so with no driving license or any money, his only real option was to get someone to drive him. He asked us if we fancied a road trip but we politely declined, we didn’t intend to move on to Victoria quite yet, and although we loved him, driving across the Nullabor with this danger magnet would not have been logical.
However, I did say he was industrious. Osian had a plan. He placed an advert on Gumtree asking for a driver with a car and in return he would guarantee a job picking table grapes in Victoria. Doing 3 months farm work or fruit picking in Australia is the easiest way of securing a second year extension to a working holiday visa, so competition is fierce for people who need work. His phone rang continuously for days, he made out like he was some kind of recruitment consultant and eventually secured a victim – I’ll call him a victim not because he was in any serious danger but because the job Osian had promised was not necessarily as secure as he had made out. We met him briefly, the poor victim, before they set off; he was a sweet, simple fellow with good intentions. His name was Gaz and he had bought a car for $300 for the trip... across the Nullabor – an arid, treeless plain considered to be virtually uninhabitable and stretching over a thousand kilometres from West to East.
We said our heartfelt goodbyes and wished them a safe journey: Take plenty of water. Blankets too, it gets cold at night. Don’t forget to take some food... just in case.
They made it about a kilometre down the road before the car died.
Last we heard, they did make it there eventually, we don’t know how they managed it, but with Osian anything is possible.

Need Work – Will do Absolutely Anything by Kelly Alexander

Need Work – Will do Absolutely Anything
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