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We do believe information on the web should be supplied to everyone for free, but we are a business and we do have operating costs, So we have our Site Supporter membership level which gives lifetime access to our site. We do stand by our belief and all the information provided from my research and Backpacking / Fruit Picking exp is listed on the site for Free.


So then what do our Site Supporter membership level get then?

  • They get lifetime access to our member only section for only.
  • To Earn prizes/coupons/cash by providing Backpacking / Fruit Picking stories to our site.
  • An e-book for when you don't have internet access about Backpacking and Fruit Picking with contact information.
  • If farmers or other employers use our site to recruit Backpackers / Fruit Pickers these jobs will only be listed to our "Paid Site Supporters".
  • Any future add-ons (Due to "Site Supporters" requests )

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  • Fruit Picking Backpackers ripped off
    Fruit Picking Backpackers are being ripped off Backpackers who are Fruit Picking are being ripped off more than any other workers while working in Australia last year as fruit pickers. These figures came from a Fair Work Ombudsman report which reveal backpackers on working holiday Visas made over 800 requests for assistance to the Ombudsman […]
  • New Tax on Backpackers
    Tax on Backpackers is a real possibility Barnaby Joyce Agriculture and Water Resources Minister has hinted that soon there could be a new tax on backpackers introduced soon when he was speaking at Narangba in Queensland on day two election campaign. There was a proposal to soften the rate that would go to 32.5 per […]
  • Fruit Picking Townsville, Queensland
    Fruit Picking Townsville there aren’t many fruit picking jobs in Townsville, but Backpackers should be able to find work because the town has a lot of hospitality and building work, so there could be a chance of scoring a job. If you do want a fruit picking job you could always try the fruit picking […]