Fruit Picking Work Richmond for Backpackers

Fruit picking work Richmond

Fruit picking work Richmond

After spending a couple months working in exchange for our housing and food, we became a bit desperate for paid fruit picking work so we could afford bi-weekly flat whites. The three of us began looking for fruit picking work online, while also asking people we met along the way. I found a job that seemed ideal, with all accommodation covered, and a decent hourly wage for picking kiwifruit. I filled out three pages of the application and then read on the bottom: “Height requirement: 5’3”

I’m 4’11”so I’m not even close. I crumpled up the papers and threw them across the room. I was starting to get frustrated because we needed to find work soon, since our current stay was running out.

 Brittany came through and she found three jobs on a vineyard on Kris and Leah work on a vineyard that supplies grapes to the local wineries. We’re wirelifting grapes for Richmond Plains Winery tomorrow for $15/hr (Minimum wage is around $13).

Through the grapevine, I heard Brittany singing “I heard it through the grapevine.” It’s an interesting job, partly relaxing while strolling through the beautiful vineyard, partly challenging when you come across a wire with a lot of tension and you are 3 inches too short to get it to the next peg. The grapes are smaller than peas right now and taste like sour pieces of plastic. One hour of work hardly pays for a breakfast out.

We’re staying in the loft above the garage (pronounced ‘gay-radge’ here). Kris put mattresses on the wall up here in the loft as the insulation. Leah said, “So it’s a nice place to actually bounce off the walls, if you feel up to it.” They have a son around 2.5 years old named Finn, a dog named Huck, and when they said their newest baby was named Tom, I thought, wow, they must love Mark Twain. Tom, Huck, and Finn. When asked about it, Leah said, “Oh, what a coincidence. I had never thought about that.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Fruit Picking Work Richmond

Beth H

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