Fruit Picking Queensland

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Fruit Picking Work in Queensland for backpackers and fruit pickers.

Fruit Picking Queensland; Fruit Picking is physically hard work, and often the weather is very hot and wet during summer in Queensland, so I would advise fruit picking in the southern states during summer. Queensland is an area which has a lot of fruit picking work for backpackers, and the backpacker accommodation in the area is setup for fruit pickers. Queensland is famous for its picking of Stone Fruits, Bananas and Mango’s. There is a lot of fruit picking hostels to list so I have broken it up into 3 area groups which list fruit picking accommodation.



Fruit Picking North Queensland

Fruit Picking Atherton.

Atherton is 94 kms south west of Cairns in theTablelands area of Far North Queensland.

Atherton Travellers Lodge

37 Alice Street,

Atherton, QLD, 4883.


Fruit Picking Tully

So your in Cairns and you need money fast, well fruit picking Tully is the place for you to go, it is about 148km south of Cairns

Banana Barracks:


The Savoy Backpackers:

4 Plumb Street,

Tully, QLD 4854

PH:07 40682400

Mount Tyson Backpackers:

23 Butler St, Tully,

QLD 4854

PH:07 40681088

Fruit Picking Cardwell

Cardwell is a fishing area, that is close to Hinchinbrook island national park, and the best thing is it also has work.

Cardwell backpackers:


Fruit Picking Innisfail

Innisfail is just down the road from Tully and if your into fishing the Innisfail region is one of the best recreational fishing areas for freshwater, estuary and offshore reef fishing the fish.

Walkabout backpackers:

20 -24 McGowan Drv,

Innisfail, QLD 4860.


Codge Lodge:

63 Rankin Street,

Innisfail, 4860 QLD


Fruit Picking Bowen

So your in Townsville or Mackay and you need money fast,

well Bowen is the place for you to go.


Beach End of Herbert St, BOWEN


Barnacles Backpackers:

16-18 Gordon St,

Bowen, QLD 4805


Reefers by the Beach:

93 Horseshoe Bay Rd,

Bowen, QLD 4805.


Ayr Backpackers:

54 Wilmington Street, Ayr.


Malpass Hotel Backpackers:

145 Eighth Avenue,

Home Hill.


Fruit Picking Bundaberg, when it comes to seasonal work for backpackers and travelers, people flock to Bundaberg.

Bundaberg is best known to backpackers for the abundance of  fruit picking work available for backpackers who pick tomatoes, mangoes, cucumbers, capsicums, corn, beans and paw paw are just some of the many crops grown in the region, and it's possible for workers to get up to six months' seasonal work and another 6 month farm work.

Working Backpacker hostels:

Federal Backpackers:


Cellblock Backpackers:


Footprints Backpacker:


Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel:


Fruit Picking Stanthorpe

Stanthorpe is located south west of Brisbane and is in the heart of the Granite Belt, it is on the New England Highway 220 km South West from Brisbane on the Queensland/NSW border. Stanthorpe is the coldest place in Queensland and produces a diverse range of fruit and vegetables.Stanthorpe has good growing conditions for grapes, peaches, apricots and nectarines along with apples and berries. The town is surrounded by rich, mixed farming areas, that range from vineyards, wineries and orchards.

Working Backpacker accommodation:

Summit Backpackers

283 Granite Belt Drive,

The Summit.


Backpackers of Queensland

80 High Street,



Top of the Town

10 High Street,




Fruit Picking Queensland

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