Fruit picking Jobs Mildura for Backpackers


Fruit Picking Jobs Mildura

Fruit Picking Work Mildura

Fruit picking Jobs Mildura, The region around Mildura is a rich agricultural oasis where a lot of backpackers go and search for work as fruit pickers. Mildura is located in the far north-western corner of Victoria, on the banks of the Murray River, 400 kilometers from Adelaide and 500 kilometers from Melbourne it is situated near the banks of the River Murray, near the junction with the River Darling.

It is an area which has a lot of fruit picking work for backpackers and the backpacker accommodation in the area is setup for fruit pickers. Mildura is famous for its Grape - Picking, Stone Fruits, Onion, Citrus, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Grape - Pruning. The surrounding areas produce cereal grains,sheep and cattle. Mildura has a large amount of employment opportunities and is well serviced for seasonal workers and backpackers wishing to come to the area.

Current Local Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit Picking Jobs Mildura, this area is one of Australia's major food bowls providing:

* 95% of dried grapes
* 69% of table grapes
* 55% of almonds
* 41% of pistachios
* 33% of olives
* 24% of carrots
* 23% of asparagus
* 21% of wine grape crush
* 20% of citrus
* 11% lemons

When to go fruit picking there:

September to December - Asparagus

May to January - Citrus

January to May - Grape Picking

May to September - Grape Pruning

May to February - Vegetables

Fruit Picking Jobs Mildura: Working Backpacker Hostels

Mildura Oasis Backpacker Working Hostel
230-232 Deakin Avenue,

They supply backpacker employment in the area, with our job network including fruit packing sheds (grape, citrus, garlic, asparagus), farm work, builders labouring and hospitality to name a few. We will arrange your travel to work and back, in one of our buses, for a minimal fee which covers travel costs.

Astra Backpackers
35 Lemon Ave,

Astra Backpackers provides a leading service for hostel accommodation to travellers from around the globe as well as local tourists. The premises are new built from the ground up and conforms to and beyond current Government requirements.

Mildura International Backpackers
5 Cedar Ave,
Ph: 0408210132

They work hard to help you find work in the local area. At different times of the year you may be able to work in the citrus orchards, vineyards or vegetable fields, or maybe inside in a packing shed. They can provide transport to and from your job and free pick-up from the bus terminals or airport when you arrive in Mildura.

Mildura City Backpackers
50 Lemon Avenue,

This Unique Heritage Hostel is in a class of its own.Situated in the heart of the city, it is walking distance to Shops, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Cinemas, Supermarkets. They have a total of 48 beds, 3 Queen Size and 42 singles.

Working Hostels Mildura
27 Chaffey Avenue,

Fruit picking Jobs Mildura

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