Fruit Picking Jobs Atherton for Backpackers

Fruit Picking Jobs Atherton

Fruit Picking Work Atherton

Fruit Picking Jobs Atherton, This town is a great place to come if you are a backpacker who is short on cash, and looking for work. Fruit picking Jobs for backpackers is this towns specialty, offering plenty of fruit picking work during harvest time, and farm work the rest of the time. there are many towns around Atherton that also offer fruit picking work.

Atherton is 94 kms south west of Cairns in the Tablelands area of Far North Queensland. There are substantial dairy and crop areas with maize, peanuts, potatoes, avocados and citrus. The shire has population of 10800 with approximately 8200 in Atherton.


Fruit picking Jobs Atherton; labour assistance

Quality Industry Training and Employment
26 Main Street
Atherton QLD 4883

When should I go there?

January to December – bananas
February to June – avocados
March to July – custard apples
September to December – potatoes

How do I get there?

Atherton is 94 kms inland from Cairns. The Brisbane to Cairns bus service operates daily. Whitecar coaches run a bus service from Cairns and Ravenshoe on a daily basis.

Fruit picking Jobs Atherton; Accommodation

There are hotels, motels, caravan parks, guesthouses and backpacker hostels in town.
But the one place I know that has work and farm contacts is;

Atherton Travellers Lodge
37 Alice Street
Atherton, Queensland 4883
Tel: 07-4091-3552
Fax: 07-4091-3552

Tolga Country Lodge

Tolga Country Lodge is a backpacker working hostel providing accommodation, 2nd year working holiday visa farm work and transport to and from work for backpackers in Australia.

Our working hostel situated in the heart of the beautiful Atherton Tablelands one hour from Cairns and just 4km from the main business district of Atherton.

Tolga is one of the few locations in Australia that requires farm workers all year round. The busy months are from September through to April when we have avocado, banana, passionfruit, citrus, potatoes, mango’s, pumpkins and watermelon picking and packing. We also provide work during the winter months such as banana picking, pruning, construction work, irrigation and much more. All work qualifies for your 2nd Year working holiday visa extension. Fruit picking Tolga accommodation information sourced from

All rooms are dorm style ranging from 2 – 8 bed, they have private rooms available for traveling couples. Prices are per person and include providing you work, accommodation and transport to and from the farm.

Tolga Country Lodge,
36-38 Kennedy Hwy, Tolga,
Queensland, 4882

Fruit Picking Jobs Atherton

Fruit Picking Jobs

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