Fruit Picking and Backpacking Australia

A Guide for backpackers traveling and Backpacking Australia looking for fruit picking jobs.

Fruit Picking jobs and Backpacking Australia, so are you ready to discover what traveling and backpacking Australia is all about, if so read below, or are you interested in Fruit Picking Jobs.

The Coastline and Beaches in Australia

Backpacking Australia

Backpacking Australia

Australia has 50,000 km of amazing coastline, white sandy beaches which are uncrowded, unspoilt and breathtaking. You can marvel at World Heritage-listed wonders, relax at a beach backpacker retreat or just enjoy fish and chips on the Beach. However you experience our coastline, the crashing waves, the sea breeze, and surfing beaches are all part of a Backpackers lifestyle which you can escape too and won’t want to leave behind. There are so many beaches, but that’s not all, we also have the Great barrier Reef, here are two examples below what the coastline has to offer while Backpacking Australia.

1. Byron Bay, New South Wales Famous for perfect surfing beaches and a lifestyle that combines hippy with fun. Here you can learn to surf, take a sunrise walk along Cape Byron walking track, get your gear off on the nudist-friendly Kings Beach. The backpacking nightlife in Byron Bay is well catered for, if you’re into that kind of thing at night, and during the day you may want to explore the underwater world of scuba diving which is breathtaking.

2. Visit paradise in the Whitsundays, Queensland You can’t miss the Whitsundays, just under 100 pristine, palm-fringed islands tucked inside the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. These reef islands boast white sand and warm aquamarine waters, you can meet marine life, see rainbow-coloured coral, go game fishing, set sail for a few days and nights, party at Airlie beach or snooze by the sea, or on a reef island. Talking about reef islands there are only eight islands inhabited, you’re sure to find a private one for you or your friends.

These are just two examples; there is so much more which we will list in the appropriate sections, we also look at fruit picking while you are Backpacking Australia.


The Outback

The Australian outback, its an amazing place to discover, they call the outback of Australia a sunburnt country, but even in the scorched desert you’ll find purple vegetation and lush green waterholes. You’ll also find red hills and fiery sunsets and Aboriginal carvings, colourful and sometimes strange people and 100 year old rustic pubs. Here in the wide, open spaces, a new adventure awaits you at with free roaming wildlife where ever you look, here are two examples below what the coastline has to offer while Backpacking Australia.

1. Glen Helen Gorge, Northern Territory After trekking through the Ranges to get to your final destination, you’ll be happy to reach the broad, cool waterhole of Glen Helen Gorge. This permanent waterhole is a sanctuary for the Finke River’s nine species of fish and migrating waterbirds. Dive in for a refreshing swim in the cool crystal waters and at night you can pitch a tent or sleep in a swag under the stars and gaze at the milkyway. This place also has an abundance of animals like the rock wallaby due to the presence of a year round fresh water source.

2. Kununurra, Western Australia The ridges and ranges around this area are 350 million years old and hold rare pink diamonds which are sort after by treasure hunters and mining companies. Certain times of the year they have a local rodeo, if fishing is more you thing you can catch a large barramundi or mud crabs. If fishing or crabbing isn’t to your interest you can just dine on mud crab in remote restaurants. There is also the magnificent Lake Argyle which has long been recognised as one of the most spectacular places to visit in Australia. It doesn’t matter how you experience this region, you won’t forget it, and won’t want to leave. Fruit Picking Kununurra get more info HERE.

Above is just two examples; there is so many more which we will list in the appropriate sections.


The Wildlife

Australia has around 600 national parks and 15 World Heritage- listed wonders. You’ll see snow on mountains and magnificent lakes, rolling countryside, coral reefs and salt lakes. There are an abundance of colourful birds and vibrant large and small fish. This is a country which has ancient rainforests which are close to large cities. When you are backpacking Australia you can get up close to our native plants and animals and experience beauty on land, and at sea. Here are two examples below what the coastline has to offer while Backpacking Australia

1. Swim with whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef We have the world’s biggest fish it called the whale shark, and it inhabits the clear turquoise around Western Australia’s northern reefs. These gentle underwater giants feed on the bright coral reef between April and June. You can also dive, swim or snorkel with dolphins, manta rays and tropical fish. On Ningaloo, the marine life is just metres from the shore line and if you fall in love with this area just travel up the road to Coral bay, it’s amazing, oh and by the way just up the road in Australia means a few hundred Kilometres.

2. Get close to the wildlife on Kangaroo Island On Kangaroo Island you can get friendly with seals, sea lions, koalas, wallabies and platypus in the wild on Kangaroo Island, it is an ecological haven with desert dunes, beaches and forest and its just a short flight from Adelaide or ferry ride from Cape Jervis located on the South Australian coast. Watch penguins make their nightly pilgrimage and see fur seals cavort on the rocks and get close sea lions at Seal Bay.

Look there is just too much to go into on the front page of this site, if you want to know more about Backpacking Australia or Backpacking jobs, be adventurous, and click the links on the left hand side, go ahead, if you’re a backpacker or a backpacker to be, you must have the guts to explore, to truly know what Australian really is.

Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit Picking Lismore. This New South Wales Town is located 40 kms inland from Byron Bay between the rainforests and the sea. Lismore offers fruit picking work all year round, some crops are lychee, avocado, apple, stone fruit and blueberry farms which provide harvest workers with employment. Speciality coffee and tea, macadamia nuts, bush tucker [...]Continue reading...

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Fruit Picking Leeton. This town is located in New South Wales and is the administrative hub of the massive Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA). Leeton is known for its historic architecture, horticulture, extensive rice farms, processing facilities, art deco buildings and plentiful, wide open parklands in the town. Fruit Picking Leeton. When to go? January to December [...]Continue reading...

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Fruit Picking Hunter Valley. This town in New South Wales is located in the Hunter River Basin some 150 kms to the North of Sydney and is also the home to a large wine industry. This wine industry attracts fruit pickers due to the amount of work in the area picking grapes. The Hunter Valley [...]Continue reading...

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Fruit Picking Hillston. This fruit picking town is located near the Lachlan River in New South Wales. It's a very productive area for picking fruit as it's on top of the Great Artesian Basin. The excellent quality artesian water has allowed orange growing to flourish. Cotton and other fruit including grapes are also produced in [...]Continue reading...

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Fruit Picking Hay this town is positioned alongside the Murrumbidgee River, Hay is located 735 kms from Sydney. It is at the intersection of three highways; the Sturt Highway, the Cobb Highway and the Western Highway. With its well renowned flat, open plains, the road to Hay is certainly an eye opener. Fruit Picking Hay. [...]Continue reading...

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