Fruit Picking Adventure, Strawberry Picker to Model

Fruit Picking AdventureMy Australian trip has been a real fruit picking adventure, a mix of wonderful moments and very tough ones! But my misadventures also lead me to some awesome work experiences, and one of them is the Modelling job I acquired in a Marketing Agency...
One morning, while I was in an organic market in Perth, my wallet got stolen. It was only later on, during my trip to Margaret River that I realized all of my money had been taken from my bank account. I still don’t know how they managed to use my card and withdrew the money from my account!?
Till then, having some financial back up, I had been very picky with the type of job I was doing in Australia. I chose only the type of work that pleased me, but now I needed urgent money. As I was already in Margaret River, a famous farming region, I decided to go for my first fruit picking job in a Strawberry farm. This is definitely a job I recommend to avoid if you don’t want to finish with heavy back pain. After 2 days of bending down my back was already so sore that I decided to go back to Perth to find another job. I was ready to do anything. Regardless of my horrible waitress skills, I started applying for work in different restaurants. I finally got a small job of few hours in an Italian restaurant, but my clumsiness did not take long to be noticed. I was spending too much time chatting with the costumers than being on time for order delivery. My very strict supervisor was about to fire me. Fortunately the costumers found my way to be amusing and their enthusiasm to see me obliged my supervisor to keep me on business.
One day, as I was serving Latte to two business men on the terrace, I spilled out some of the drink trying to make my way to the remote place. The two men looked at me and one said laughingly that I shouldn’t be a waitress. I agreed that I was terrible but he corrected and said “You should not waste your time in a café, instead, you should be a model”. I giggled, but as I walked away he handed me his card and asked me to come to see him the next week. I looked at the card; he was in fact, a marketing agent.
The next week I came to his agency. He asked me if I knew how to use a computer and if I could type fast. Being the case, he offered me to replace his secretary two days a week when she was on leave. This is how I entered the field of the marketing business... I soon became good friend with the boss. Proud to show the French accent of his new secretary, he asked me to answer the phone for all his calls and he even took me to most of his business meetings. He said that he signed more contracts when I was around. My job, basically, consisted on going with him to restaurants and cafés, to take notes, to chat with the clients and to answer his phone. What an easy and pleasant job!
One day, he took me to one of the marketing video shot that he was working on. It was a filming to promote hair growth using a new infra-red machine. They were interviewing some of the clients, asking them to share their results since the treatment started. I got introduced to the shooting team. While I thought I would just relax watching the scene, my boss had the great idea to ask me to act for the final part of the video. He thought that adding a French touch to it would improve the audience. That was it, an hour later I was in the make-up room. I still remember the amount of paint they kept on putting onto my face. I thought they will never stop. With the thickness of the products, It felt like I was growing a second skin!
The shooting was so funny! Though I was only doing the closing sentence, we had to do the scene several times. I had to caress one of the costumer’s hair saying “how beautiful his hair was now” but we could not stop laughing. What a great experience! Since then, I became the “Top model secretary”. Later on, other costumers asked me to pose for their promotional brochures. I ended up doing photo shootings for a beauty salon, for a medical pillow, for some fertiliser’s advertisements, etc.
From a low paid waitress job I went onto earn about 100AU$ for 2 hours of photo shooting. That was definitely an awesome turn of fate. Besides, I got to work with the coolest and funniest boss ever! He still remains a friend today! I love how everything seems possible in Australia!!!

Fruit Picking Adventure

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