Carnarvon Backpackers for Fruit Pickers

Carnarvon Backpackers is situated in the Carnarvon Caravan Park. The area has a large variety of produce which range from bananas, capsicum, grapes and tomato, watermelons, rockmelons, corn and cabbage. Seasonal produce brings backpackers to the town and the Carnarvon Caravan Pack offers budget accommodation for all starting from $30. The Plantation House, as it's called has ten double rooms with kitchen, toilet, shower and laundry facilities, a huge patio with BBQ facilities and is very close to the swimming pool. They also have on-site vans for people who want some privacy.

When Should I go there?

January to March - Mangoes

January to April - Melons

January to December - Bananas

May to July - Vine pruning

May to December - Vegetables

May to December - Grapes

May to December - Tomatoes, capsicums

August to December - Grapes

How to Get to Carnarvon Backpackers?

The town is located 904 kms north of Perth following the Brand and North West Coastal Highways.

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Hostels in Carnarvon

Carnarvon Backpackers. 2 of 5 stars. 16 Reviews. #16 of 16 Speciality lodging in Carnarvon. 08/09/2014 “in my top 3 places to stay in Oz”; 10/08/2014 “If you ...


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