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Backpacking Adelaide a place for backpackers to relax after fruit picking in South Australia. If you do still need some cash the fields that surround this city to the west are always looking for workers. Adelaide is a new city in an old land. Founded as a British colony in 1836, it is now the capital of South Australia.Today its rich mix of diverse cultures lives together in a relaxed and cosmopolitan lifestyle in this river city. Not only is Adelaide full of green parks but has 30km of beaches stretching along its suburbs. The city is famous for its alfresco eating culture and is the centre of the Australian wine industry, with some of the best food and drink in the world.

When Governor John Hindmarsh arrived to found a British colony in 1836, the Adelaide Plains had been home to the Kaurna Aboriginal people for many thousands of years. The city that arose on the plains has developed into one of the most culturally diverse in the world. The centre, which lies near the Torrens River rather than the coast, is a grid of wide graceful streets encircled by a ring of parks. This gives Adelaide an open, green aspect, which coupled with the blue skies of the warm South Australian climate make for a beautiful city.The colonists came ashore at Port Adelaide, whose 19th century centre is still intact and gives the visitor a feel of the early days of the colony. Adelaide soon spread out to the seashore, and now has a long line of relaxing beach suburbs easily accessible by vintage trams that run from the city centre.

The arrival of successive waves of immigrants - from Germans and Italians to Lebanese and Japanese - have given the city an enviable reputation for good food and drink, with some of the most diverse eating opportunities of any city in the world. The wine-making brought by German immigrants has turned Adelaide into one of the world’s great wine producing centres.

Backpacking Adelaide; things to do.

Botanic Gardens
Opened in 1857, the Botanic Gardens, modelled on English gardens, feature plenty of native trees and plants. The Bicentennial Conservatory that towers over the gardens houses a tropical rainforest environment and is the largest glasshouse in Australia.

Art Gallery of South Australia
In the heart of the austere, monumental Victorian grandeur of Adelaide’s official buildings, this art gallery has a wide collection of Aboriginal art both traditional and contemporary, as well as colonial, modern Australian and British art.

South Australian Museum
The main focus of the museum is the astonishingly ancient history of the land of Australia, with the Origin Energy Fossil Gallery displaying some of the oldest fossils in the world. You will also find extensive exhibitions of Aboriginal history.

Migration Museum
To get a true picture of the stories of the diverse ethnic groups that now make up the South Australian people, head for this museum full of fascinating personal stories of arrival in the new colony, plus the story of the Aboriginal people.

Tandanya - the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute - established in 1989, was the first indigenously owned and managed arts centre in Australia. The institute has exhibitions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders art from across Australia.

National Wine Centre of Australia
The nearby Barossa Valley is Australia’s wine producing heartland, and this centre in central Adelaide, with its own vineyard, offers interactive exhibitions explaining the whole winemaking process, plus wines to taste and buy.

Backpacking Adelaide Accommodation

Blue Galah Backpackers
62 King William Street,
PH (08) 8231 9295

Adelaide Travellers Inn Backpackers
220 Hutt St,
PH ‎‎(08) 8224 0753‎

Adelaide's Shakespeare International Backpackers Hostel
123 Waymouth St,
PH ‎‎(08) 8231 7655‎

Hostel 109
109 Carrington Street,
PH ‎‎(08) 8223 1771‎

Cannon Street Backpackers
110 Franklin Street,
PH ‎‎(08) 8410 1218‎

Backpack Oz
144 Wakefield St,
PH ‎‎(08) 8223 3551‎

Annie's Place Adelaide The Friendly Backpacker
239 Franklin St,
PH ‎‎(08) 8212 2668‎

Adelaide Backpackers Inn
112 Carrington St,
PH ‎‎(08) 8223 6635‎

Adelaide Central YHA
135 Waymouth St,
PH ‎‎(08) 8414 3010‎

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